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Fox10 News Interview with PEP and Mobile Bay NEP







Local activists are working to create a “Clean Water Future.” We’re going to learn about this new campaign to clean up pollution in our waterways. Businesses and individuals are invited to join in the mission. Here’s more:

  • Overarching Goal of Create a Clean Water Future: reducing pollution in our waterways and affecting change – how people coexist with the environment.
  • We ALL play a part – business, industry and individuals; we cannot assume ‘someone will pick up behind us.’
  • How can individuals make a difference?
    • Don’t litter!/ Pick-Up litter in your neighborhood – if everyone did this the impact would be huge.
    • Recycle your water bottle – 1,065,171 Beverage Bottles Found on Beaches
    • Use a Carwash – Carwashes that follow The International Carwash AssociationWaterSaver guidelines will limit water used to 40 gallons of water and will route the used water to water treatment centers or septic systems.
  • How ARE local businesses making a difference?
    • McFadden/Rich’s Story – Created OxyShark: The all-in-one unit includes a biological filtration system and ozone aeration that allows businesses like Rich’s Car Wash to not only remove pollutants from wastewater but reuse up to 90% of the water.