Partners for Environmental Progress

Since PEP’s inception in 2000, PEP’s mission has been advancing strong economic growth balanced and compatible with conserving and enhancing our natural resources that make the central Gulf Coast a unique, safe and desirable place to live, work and raise a family. As a coalition of business leaders and their companies who support best environmental practices for business and the community. Our work includes providing educational opportunities and business development networking. We promote science and fact-based analysis and commentary on regulations, legislation and community issues for our member companies, their employees and the public.

Our Vision:

A business community that prioritizes environmentally sustainable and flexible practices resulting in economic growth and a clean and healthy environment.

Our Mission:

Improving the quality of life along the northern Gulf Coast by prioritizing science-based environmentally sustainable practices through common sense education and advocacy.

Our Values:

  • Clean air, water, and land are paramount to the health and prosperity of the northern Gulf Coast Region in which we live and operate.
  • Information concerning environmental impacts must be based on facts and sound current scientific principles.
  • Businesses, elected officials, higher educational leaders, and the communities must work together to continuously improve air, water, and land quality in our area.
  • Value and promote innovative and sustainable environmental best practices within our membership and the communities.

Our members are committed to improving these environmental impacts along the Gulf Coast.

Water Quality

Air Quality

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