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About Our Membership

Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) is a non-profit association of business and education leaders who share the vision of applying science-based environmental best practices to business and community issues.

PEP’s 200+ members are concerned businesses, non-profits and organizations – both large and small – who share the common purpose of promoting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in the area. Our members represent the diversity of business and industry along the Gulf Coast.

We understand that the future of our area depends on ensuring a balance between business development, job creation, industrial growth and a healthy environment. Through community involvement and this science-based conciliatory approach, we strive to build a resilient Gulf Coast.

PEP Membership Benefits:

Member Promotion and Representation

  • PEP’s monthly newsletter shares information important to our members such as:
    • Timely issues affecting the environment and business along the Gulf Coast.
    • Updates on projects at local industrial sites.
    • Member company news
    • PEP Events
  • PEP hosts and promotes Annual Environmental Stewardship Awards for successful environmental projects our members are doing that impact our Gulf Coast.
  • PEP represents our members during community discussions about topics important to industry and business along the Gulf Coast.

Dues Structure

PEP’s annual membership dues are based on the number of employees. Generally, this will be the number of local full-time employees; however, if your employee base fluctuates or is weighted by part-time employees, please use an average number of employees. Dues are payable on a calendar year basis and are due when invoiced. Your invoices will be forwarded to you upon approval of your membership application. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting.

Number of Employees: Annual Dues:
1 to 9 $320
10 to 74 $575
75 to 149 $835
150 to 299 $1110
300 to 499 $1380
500 or more $1640
We work daily to protect our environment through quality business practices with a moral component. If that is true for your business, then you should be a member of PEP.
Tom Bramlett
President, OEC
We meet and often exceed environmental regulations, but the community may not always know that. Being active in PEP helps us communicate our beliefs and principles-and our efforts to support the environment-both to our employees and the community.
Bonnie Tully
VP & Site Manager, Evonik Corporation