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The PEP Board of Directors is happy to name the City of Mobile as its 2016 Community Partner in recognition of the planning, research, design, and implementation involved in the Map for Mobile, the City’s comprehensive plan. Through extensive citywide input, the project established seven principles (strong neighborhoods, functional roadway corridors, strategic infill and redevelopment, a connected community, high quality design of the built environment, a strong downtown, and greater opportunities to enjoy natural and recreational assets) to address as it moves toward the goal established by Mayor Sandy Stimpson: for

Mobile to be the safest, most business and family-friendly city in America by 2020.

It is so nice for the City to receive this recognition and keep the spirit of Map for Mobile alive in our community,” said Executive Director of Planning and Development Dianne Irby. “This has been part of Mayor Stimpson’s vision since he took office. Last year was the engagement process; listening to citizens about their priorities and gathering their feedback about what they’d like to see in Mobile’s future. Now we’re in the process of addressing aspects of the built environment; the areas of parks and recreation, stormwater management and watershed issues. These are areas in which our citizens will see immediate results, and this is part of the plan’s commitment to the cycle of positive change.” “From the citizens of Mobile to our Advisory Team to our Outreach Committee, it is the feedback from our entire community that serves as a foundation for all of our efforts,” said Senior Director of Community Affairs Shayla Beaco. “We held everything from large City meetings to small neighborhood gatherings to really listen to everyone and match their priorities with the City’s vision. Establishing the plan and moving forward, it is truly a collaborative process.

the project established seven principles
√ strong neighborhoods √ functional roadway corridors √ strategic infill and redevelopment √ a connected community √ high quality design of the built environment √ a strong downtown √ greater opportunities to enjoy natural and recreational assets