Alabama Power—Plant Barry

Following the success of their Carbon Capture and Sequestration project (which was recognized by PEP in 2012 and also received several national awards), Alabama Power – Plant Barry, is being recognized again this year for successfully completing a pilot project that makes the state-of-the-art process more efficient. The High Efficiency System aligns with the U.S. Department of Energy’s goals related to carbon dioxide capture and electricity cost. The system also lead to a 50 percent reduction in water consumption. In this project, a waste heat recovery technology was integrated into the existing carbon dioxide capture process to evaluate improvements in energy efficiency. The heat integration system consisted of two primary pieces of equipment: a Carbon Dioxide Cooler which used CO2 product gas from the capture process to heat boiler condensate, and a Flue Gas Cooler which used air heater outlet flue gas to heat boiler condensate. Preliminary tests show overall benefits of the test system include reduced water consumption, better air quality, increased plant efficiency and perhaps even lower cost power for the customer. This test project is the first of its type in the United States. It could potentially be used on all coal plants of its kind, making them more efficient and more environmentally friendly.