Who We Are

Who are the Partners for Environmental Progress?

Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) is a coalition of business and education leaders who share the vision of applying science-based environmental best practices to business and community issues.

Our members are concerned businesses – large and small – who value our unique natural resources and our economy. We understand that the future of our area depends on ensuring a balance between business development and job creation, industrial growth and a healthy environment.

PEP promotes a balanced view of business and industry contributions to this area by providing factual information about safety and environmental performance. Through community involvement and this conciliatory approach, we strive to build a resilient Gulf Coast. Join us today.

Guiding Principle

Partners for Environmental Progress was founded in 2000 to promote business growth while preserving and enhancing the environment and quality of life along the Gulf Coast.

Core Beliefs

Members of Partners for Environmental Progress share three core beliefs:
  • Clean air and water are paramount to the health and prosperity of the Mobile/Baldwin area
  • Information concerning environmental impact must be based on facts and on sound scientific principles
  • Business, industry, and the community must work together to continuously improve air and water quality in our area

Our Members

Our 200 plus members come from a broad spectrum of companies, non-profits and organizations with a common purpose of promoting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in the area. Our members represent the diversity of business and industry along the Gulf Coast including manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering, construction, health care, finance, personal services and much more. Become a PEP member.

Creating Innovative Programs

One of PEP’s most successful ventures is By-Product Synergy Central Gulf Coast (BPS). The program works to find matches between the by-products of area industrial plants and those companies that need that raw material.

Not only is this pairing of needs good for the environment, it is also good for the bottom line of a business. By sharing by-products, best practices and experience, BPS has saved participating companies millions of dollars a year. Plus, it has kept thousands of tons of material from landfills and other disposal sites, and significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. These accomplishments have earned the innovative program a Gulf Guardian Award from the EPA. Learn more about By-Product Synergy Central Gulf Coast.

We work daily to protect our environment through quality business practices with a moral component. If that is true for your business, then you should be a member of PEP.
Tom Bramlett
President, OEC
We meet and often exceed environmental regulations, but the community may not always know that. Being active in PEP helps us communicate our beliefs and principles-and our efforts to support the environment-both to our employees and the community.
Bonnie Tully
VP & Site Manager, Evonik Corporation