Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day in the City of Mobile

This week at the Mobile City Council meeting, Mayor Sandy Stimpson read a proclamation proclaiming Saturday, April 22 as Earth Day in the City of Mobile. Many of our local environmental organizations came together in support of the proclamation – and in protecting our natural resources.

Part of the proclamation reads:

Whereas, many local community members, schools, businesses, and environmental organizations in the City of Mobile are working together in the interest of the planet to inspire intergenerational participation through local actions and global environmental consciousness; and

Whereas, the City of Mobile proudly recognizes all who participate in Earth Day, for their dedication to taking a proactive role in shaping the future of our environment and protecting the City of Mobile’s, and the World’s, precious natural resources, and various wildlife. View the full Proclamation here.

How can YOU support Earth Day? There are many ways! You can support Earth Day Mobile Bay at Fairhope Pier or attend one of THREE events in Mobile County, including Operation Clean Sweep: North Mobile County, Mobile County Recycling Center’s Expanded Recycling Event, or Love Your Community’s Second Annual Earth Day Celebration.

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