The Eagle Reef Celebrates Over $95,000 In Phase One Sponsorships

Eagle Reefs are floating mini reefs that come preassembled and are tied between four pilings under a dock or wharf, floating up and down with the tide. The the reefs provide habitats that generate thousands of fish and crabs per year.

Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) is proud to announce the first round of Clean Water sponsors of The Eagle Reef Project. The sponsorships total $95,550 from several PEP member companies and community partners.

Each of the five levels of support includes the estimated millions of gallons of water to be filtered annually by the reefs – ranging from 29 million gallons up to 292 million gallons.

PEP Member companies and community partners who have pledged their support in this round include: BASF, AM/NS Calvert, APM Terminals, Alabama Port Authority, Hargrove Engineers & Constructors, Spire, Alabama Power, J.L. Bedsole Foundation, Core Industries, Project C.A.T.E. Foundation, Lenzing Fibers, Arkema, High-Purity Silcon America Corporation, Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, Canfor Southern Pine, Thompson Engineering, Third Coast Safety, SCS Engineers, and Cain & Associates. The $95,550 in support  reinforces each company’s unwavering dedication to environmental preservation and community welfare.

“We’re proud to have four Clean Water Champions: BASF, AM/NS Calvert, APM Terminals, and Alabama Port Authority. This is our highest level of sponsorship, with each Champion supporting the installation of 40 Eagle Reefs each,” said PEP Executive Director, Jennifer Denson. “The support of every PEP member company and community partner is incredible and we’re excited to be off to an amazing start for the first phase of The Eagle Reef Project.”

This incredible support response from PEP member companies and community partners will create additional opportunities for homeowners and individuals to be part of the project through subsidizing their cost of reef installations.

The Eagle Reef Project, an initiative led by Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP), is committed to creating a sustainable marine habitat through the construction and deployment of artificial reefs. These artificial mini-reefs are installed under individual docks and piers, including those of homeowners, restaurants, marinas, other businesses, and public lands, allowing for anyone to get involved. The contributions from PEP member companies and community partners will significantly amplify the project’s impact by introducing more Eagle Reefs along the Alabama Coastal Waters, supporting PEP’s journey towards a 1,000 reef installation goal which will filter up to 7.3 billion gallons of water annually and create habitats that result in thousands of fish and crabs per year in our coastal waters.

The partnership between the supporters and The Eagle Reef Project signifies a step forward for sustainable development in Mobile, Alabama, and sets the stage for future collaborations that benefit both the environment and local communities. Through their joint efforts, PEP and their member companies aim to inspire others to take an active role in preserving the planet’s natural resources, one reef at a time.

PEP is rallying its membership and the community to raise funds and awareness for cleaning the coastal waters and improving the fish populations for area residents and visitors. Eagle Reefs are available for businesses, nonprofits and individuals through donations. For more information on how to get involved or to make a tax deductible donation, complete PEP’s Eagle Reef Interest Form.

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