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Membership Application

  • (type and nature of business, location and service area, any additional information of interest)
  • I pledge that we agree with the beliefs of Partners for Environmental Progress: 1) That clean air and water are paramount to the health and prosperity of the Mobile/Baldwin area 2) That information concerning environmental impact must be based on facts and on sound scientific principles 3) That business, industry and the community must work together to continuously improve air and water quality in the Mobile/Baldwin area.
    Dues for Partners for Environmental Progress, Inc., are based on the number of local full-time employees. If your employee base fluctuates or is weighted by part-time employees, please use an average number of employees. Dues are payable on a calendar year basis and are due when invoiced. Invoices will be forwarded upon approval of membership application. Please check the appropriate box above. Partners for Environmental Progress, Inc. is a 501 (c)(6)(non-profit) organization.

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