Hargrove Engineers + Constructors: Energy Efficiency Improvements: Kimberly-Clark Combined Heat-Power Plant

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors provided front-end planning and conceptual and detailed design to achieve Kimberly-Clark’s goal to increase efficiency while lowering costs and emissions at Kimberly-Clark’s Mobile Mill. 

 Kimberly-Clark is one of Hargrove’s first clients,” said Allen Simpson, Operations Leader at Hargrove. “It’s been an honor to serve as their engineering and project execution firm to help the mill become power independent and more sustainable. It’s very fulfilling to the Hargrove Team to be a part of a project that will have such a positive impact on the mill, the community and our environment 

Kimberly-Clark chose to invest in highly efficient energy technologies to improve the outlook for long-term operations at the site. After conducting several studies with the Hargrove Team, Kimberly-Clark decided to install a combined heat and power (CHP) facility to supply electricity and steam in order to be self-reliant for these utilities. This project enables the mill to generate power in gas turbine generators while rerouting the exhaust gases to make steam for the plant’s operations, increasing energy efficiency and allowing the company to invest more in the Mobile-area.

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The investments in Mobile, Alabama and a similar project in Peru support Kimberly-Clark’s Sustainability 2022 initiative, specifically, the Energy and Climate strategy to minimize climate change impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent over 2005 levels. The company is working to create a step change reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs by switching to lower carbon emitting fuels and utilizing cogeneration. 

Kimberly-Clark’s decision on a corporate level to invest in Mobile is a testament to the team’s vision, commitment to excellence, and consistently delivering of quality results. This is a true acknowledgement of the skill and hard work of the men and women that are at the Mobile mill,” Simpson said.

For their part, Hargrove teamed with Kimberly-Clark on the conceptual and detailed design, which included integration with and modification to site infrastructure.

PEP extends special recognition to Kimberly-Clark for their leadership on this project. 


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