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Volkert, Inc., partnered with the City of Fairhope in the Fairhope Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) improvement project, which protects the environment by treating wastewater collected from the City’s customers and discharging treated effluent into Mobile Bay. Volkert provided design and construction engineering services to upgrade the 4.0 million gallon-per-day facility to maintain permit compliance, address reduced facility capacity, improve efficiencies, and enhance effluent quality through nutrient removal and filtration. Because Fairhope strives to produce an effluent that leaves the facility much cleaner than regulatory requirements in order to have the highest water quality in our streams and Bay for all to enjoy, the result was a design that not only addressed the current needs but also looked forward to the future to address nutrient removal and enhance effluent water quality through filtration. Volkert designed upgrades and oversaw construction to all aspects for the treatment facility, including the screening removal system, aeration system to foster nutrient removal, clarification and ultraviolet disinfection to remove suspended particles, and a digestive system to improve solids operations. The project utilized cutting-edge technology for process improvements, reduced energy usages and enhanced effluent quality. Total construction and engineering costs were approximately $11.8 million, which was under the original budget. The facility improvements and upgrades amplify the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) position that the improved Fairhope facility is not a waste disposal facility but a water resource recovery facility that produces clean water, recovers nutrient and reduces energy consumption. “It’s always wonderful to be recognized for our efforts in conservation within the community,” said Volkert Water and Wastewater Utilities Department Assistant Vice President Melinda Immel. “This project was truly a team effort and we are thrilled to be honored by PEP in this way.”