Project Design Group, Inc.

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Project Design Group was retained by a major Forest Products client to provide detailed engineering and project management to bring one of their production facilities in the Southeast into compliance with new Boiler MACT standards by 2016. Using proactive planning, research and studying options, it was determined that the client could modify one of four boilers impacted, and retire the other boilers due to the high cost of bringing them into compliance. A CO monitor was installed in one of the mill boilers to lower emissions and ensure compliance with the requirements, instead of a traditional and costly method of installing an electrostatic precipitator. The mill also installed two new gas-fired boilers that would be fully compliant with the new environmental standards. Using innovative technology, a wood/oil boiler was replaced with a natural gas boiler, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. The plan fulfilled the objectives of the Boiler MACT regulations ahead of schedule by 2015, and eliminated the potential for human exposure to hazardous substances and reduced costs through its self-sustaining approach. On average, the plan reduces carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030, according to the EPA. In addition to the improvements in environmental performance, the mill is also expecting improvements in overall energy efficiency and operation reliability, and reductions in maintenance expenditures due to the retirement of older boilers. “We are so excited to receive this honor from PEP,” said PDG Marketing Director Ashley Babb. “This is our first environmental award.”