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Innovative Waste Water Treatment

PEP extends special recognition to Rich’s Car Wash for their leadership on this project.

McFadden Engineering, Inc. developed the OxyShark®, an innovative wastewater treatment and reclamation system that removes up to 97% of pollutants from effluent. Originally developed to address environmental and economic concerns regarding water usage at Rich’s Car Wash, the system is widely applicable and readily integrates with existing wastewater treatment processes. Systems are engineered to meet the exact specifications of each individual installation site.

In the case of Rich’s Car Wash, wastewater treatment with the OxyShark® system allows the business to reuse 80-90% of its water. This translates into huge savings in water and sewer usage fees each month. Excess treated water is discharged into an adjacent stream, with the effluent exceeding National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements. In fact, by some metrics, the discharged water is cleaner than water in the stream creating a positive scenario for the business and environment. The success of this project has led Rich’s to explore installation of OxyShark® at other car wash locations.

OxyShark® incorporates oxygen in the treatment process to increase productivity of beneficial bacteria that digest organic waste materials. Capable of handling hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastewater per day, OxyShark® provides an innovative solution to expensive wastewater treatment while delivering significant savings in water consumption and sewage fees.

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