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The UOP Mobile Plant generates solid wastes that contribute to increasing levels in local landfills and adds costs to the plant site. It was recognized that a significant portion of this solid waste generation is due to discarded pallets, cardboard and super sacks, and a team was formed to establish an aggressive recycling program to concentrate on tackling these three areas. Additionally, partnerships were formed with local recyclers to refurbish used pallets and recycle paper and plastics that would otherwise be sent to the local landfill.

This was a highly successful project eliminating approximately 15,000 yards of material from the landfill yearly and saving the plant $250,000 a year.

“Like most plants, we are constantly looking at areas to improve upon, ways to reduce costs and also minimize our footprint in the community,” said Technical and Quality Manager John Purvis. “For the past several years we have taken steps to address our liquid wastes in a more sustainable way, and this past year we shifted our focus to our solids. The next phase for us is to focus on ways we can be more effective in what we’re doing, improve our practices, and educate our plant population on the benefits of these sustainable methods. To be recognized by PEP for our efforts thus far is truly a great honor for us.”