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Solar Panel Integration Pilot Project

PEP extends special recognition to the Alabama Municipal Electrical Authority for their leadership on this project.

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors were retained by the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA) to install a 50kW solar array at AMEA’s new corporate office building in Montgomery. The project was designed to meet two initiatives: meet the power demands of AMEA’s new building and serve as a pilot project for studying the effectiveness of modular unit solar power generation for AMEA’s Member systems and their customers.

Hargrove teamed with AMEA to install a 160-panel solar array capable of producing 50,400 watts of power. Panels are oriented in two directions to maximize solar collection through the entire year, and a two-way switch will allow the facility to either consume solar power generated or sell back to the utility grid.

“There is much interest in solar power among our clientele,” says Fred Robertson, PE, Vice President, EPC Services for Hargrove. “Clients across our system are showing interest in sustainability, and this partnership with AMEA has enabled us to show the positive impact from an environmental and economic viability standpoint.

The system is networked and utilizes standard software power tracking tools. Data collected from the pilot project will provide valuable information regarding actual solar production in Alabama and help AMEA and its 11-Member public power utilities explore best practices for community solar parks.

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors: Solar Panel Integration Pilot Project
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors: Solar Panel Integration Pilot Project