Gulf Coast Office Products

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Renewable Energy Investment

In keeping with the company’s principles of environmental stewardship, Gulf Coast Office Products installed a 124,135-watt Solar Energy System to power a 38,000 square-foot corporate, showroom, and warehouse facility in Pensacola.

“With the addition of the Solar Array we anticipate cutting [traditional power] usage by 90%,” said John Wright, Owner and General Manager of GCOP. “This moves our facility “off the grid”, depending on solar power to supply our electrical needs. When you think about that reduction happening year after year for the next 25‐30 years we know we are making a significant contribution to our local environment and our bottom line. It’s a win‐win.”

“We pride ourselves in finding opportunities to be stewards of the environment and giving back to our community,” said Wright. With decreased infrastructure costs and available tax credits, the economics of adopting renewable energy made sense. The new system required a capital investment of $235,000, but will save more than $25,000 per year in utility costs. GCOP expects a return on investment in only 3 to 5 years.


Gulf Coast Office Products: Renewable Energy Investment