FMC Corporation – Mobile Manufacturing Center

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Process Optimization Recycle and Reuse Project

The FMC Corporation – Mobile Manufacturing Center produces high value agricultural chemicals and uses several solvents in these processes. In 2017, the Mobile Manufacturing Center took steps to reduce environmental impacts as well as manufacturing costs through a recycle and reuse strategy.

Through extensive process modeling and a modest investment of capital, the Mobile Manufacturing Center reduced hazardous waste generation in one manufacturing unit by 25% and in another by 12%. Reducing the volumes of waste treatment and fresh solvent consumption provided additional environmental advantages including reduced CO2 emissions from the transport and processing of source material.

The project serves as a model of how both environmental and financial stakeholders can be satisfied. “Investments in projects that positively impact the environment can be financially viable with short payback periods,” said Rubayet Haider, Environmental, Health & Safety Leader for FMC. “These opportunities should be identified and pursued.”

“We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and the products we manufacture very seriously,” said Barry J. Crawford, Vice President of Operations at FMC. “The Recycle Re-use Process Optimization Project is an example of how FMC continues to seek areas for optimization of our processes that can positively affect our environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint, re-using waste material, and result in a sustainable, innovative process.”