ADEM Public Hearing on Proposed Renewal of Title V Major Source Operating Permit for UOP Mobile Plant

ADEM Public Hearing on Proposed Renewal of Title V Major Source Operating Permit for UOP Mobile Plant
PEP Comments
October 20, 2020

Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) is a non-profit organization of local business leaders who share the vision of applying science-based environmental best practices to business and community issues. PEP members support strong economic growth balanced with sound environmental stewardship. Our 220+ member companies represent large and small manufacturers, shipbuilders, engineering firms, industrial suppliers, and support services. Members, including Airbus, Evonik, and Austal, to name a few, employ more than 22,000 local individuals. PEP members routinely go above and beyond government regulations and compliance to implement innovative projects to reduce their carbon footprint and protect and conserve the local natural resources that make the Alabama Gulf Coast a desirable place to live and work. 

PEP strongly supports ADEM renewing UOP Mobile Plant’s Title V Major Source Operating Permit for the following reasons:

  • UOP is complying with the requirements under the Alabama Air Pollution Control Act and the Alabama Environmental Management Act, to submit a renewal of its Title V permit every five years. 
  • The renewal application does not propose an increase in emissions nor a change to the types of air emissions from the facility.
  • The site has operated in Chickasaw, Alabama for the past 55 years and has a long history of compliance with its Title V air permit.
  • UOP has proven itself to be a strong steward of the Alabama Gulf Coast environment. UOP has been a member of PEP since 2006. The facility was an active member of Phase II of PEP’s By-Product Synergy program that matched by-products and input material streams between companies to avoid disposing of the materials as waste. In 2016, PEP named UOP as a recipient of PEP’s Environmental Stewardship Award in recognition for their aggressive solid waste recycling program targeting discarded wooden pallets, cardboard, and super sacks. 

For these reasons, PEP supports ADEM’s renewal of UOP’s permit. 

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