State Legislative Action Alert

To PEP Members:
Your action is needed! Two bills are pending in the Alabama state legislature which would prohibit cities and counties from regulating, restricting or prohibiting the litter of bags, cups, bottles and packaging were reported out of committees. They both have been passed out of committee and are pending floor action as soon as Tuesday in both Houses [HB346 by Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter and SB244 by Senator Steve Livingston].
PEP opposes these bills as they would limit the ability of local elected officials to act in the ways their community will support to protect their natural resources and environment. The unique natural resources of the Alabama Gulf Coast make this a desirable place to live and do business and are a key economic engine for the entire State. Limiting trash at its source is a critical component to comprehensively abating litter, a high priority of local governments across Mobile and Baldwin counties. The costs of trash management and litter abatement are borne by and managed by local government. They should have the flexibility to consider and employ all options to address these issues. The State legislators should not limit their solutions.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of PEP, I have sent the attached letter to the sponsors of the legislation and the entire Mobile/Baldwin state delegation.
Take action today!
  1. Call or email your local representative and Senator – the list is attached. Adeline Clark has told me she is voting no. And Chris Elliott voted no during committee.
  2. Call or Email the bill sponsors to voice your opposition to their bills:
HB 346: Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter, (334) 261-9506
SB 244: Sen. Steve Livingston (334) 261-0858
The Mobile City Council has unanimously voted to oppose the legislation. Other environmental organizations, including the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce are publicly opposing these bills, as well.
Please call or email the list below with the message: I am a voter in ___ County and I and work at _____(State your company name IF you can) and I oppose HB 346 and SB 244. Do not limit the solutions for local communities to address the problems and costs of litter and trash management.
An article by John Sharpe in provides a good summary of the issues and links to both bills although the status of the bills is dated.
Help make sure that Mobile and Baldwin county governments can have the flexibility needed to fight the war on litter.
Thank you!

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